Astonishing health benefits of Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acid which is also referred to as polyunsaturated fatty acids features double bond three atoms. It is a powerful and remarkable nutrient that is capable of boosting health and overall well-being of a person. Omega 3 is one-of-a-kind nutrient which helps an individual to lead a good life. Now we shall move to on to some of the major health benefits of Omega 3.

1 – Omega 3 fatty acids have the potential to suppress mental disorders including depression, anxiety, lack of energy and enthusiasm etc. Surprisingly, studies have disclosed the fact that continuous intakes of Omega 3 are less prone to anxiety and depression. Those who frequently consume Omega 3 fatty acids have shown signs of improvement. It is broadly classified into three namely EPA, ALA and DHA. Out of which EPA is the recommended anti-depressant drug one to ward off depression.

2- Consuming Omega 3 on a regular basis improves eye coordination. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is one of the major constituents of the retina in our eyes. Insufficient quantity of DHA might lead to vision problems. However, taking adequate volume of Omega 3 can considerably bring down the stakes of macular degeneration. It is one of the primary causes for acute blindness.

3 – Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to promote brain health at the time of pregnancy. Interestingly; signs of better and improved eye sight in infants are due to constant intake of DHA fortified formula. They are also helpful in honing social and communication skills, lesser behavioral issues, reduced symptoms of cerebral palsy, autism and ADHD.

4 – Omega 3 helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Today, strokes and heart attacks are some of the major causes of death across the globe. Ten years ago, researchers have discovered the fact that people who consumed fish on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from chronic ailments. It is also capable of reducing triglycerides ranging from 15% to 30%. People struggling with high blood pressure have started taking Omega 3.

5 – Omega 3 is useful in blocking the development of blood clots and prevents clumping of blood platelets. The overall cholesterol level of HDL can be increased via consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids. This nutrient has the capacity to restrict plaque and fortify the arteries thereby keeping it smooth and damage free. It also blocks the creation of substances discharged upon inflammatory response.

6 – With its anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3, it helps in maintaining mobility along with movement of bones, muscles and joints. It is primarily due to the fact that as one grows older, the formation of cartilage and tissues that protect the joints gradually declines. As a result, a person becomes more vulnerable to severe joint pain and inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids is believed to be useful in amplifying absorption of calcium, optimizing strength and bringing down the risk of chronic conditions like osteoporosis.

7 – Omega 3 fatty acids are capable of regulating stress hormone level. Sleep deprivation is the root cause for increase in chronic diseases like diabetes, depression and obesity. A very low level of omega 3 fatty acid indicates symptoms of sleep apnea amongst adults. At the same time, few level of DHA is closely associated with decline of melatonin. It is a supplement that escalates the overall duration and quality of sleep.

8 – Those who are struggling to cope with chronic lung diseases like Asthma may take Omega 3. It is caused due to swelling and inflammation affected in the airways of lungs. Asthma has claimed the lives of million people residing across the globe. Majority of the studies have proven that incessant consumption of Omega 3 helps in lowering the chances of asthma amongst children and adults.

9 – DHA is presumed to be one of the key components of skin. They are capable of enhancing the overall health of cell membrane. Omega 3 helps in warding off skin diseases.

To conclude, Omega 3 fatty acid is essential to enhance our health. It is advisable to take them in the form of whole foods like fish twice per week. You can rest assure a good quality of life.

Final thoughts on foods that lower cholesterol

I hope after reading this article you are well convinced of the many benefits of including fish in your list of healthy foods when visiting the supermarket. Stock-up on Omega 3! 🙂

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Have a great day while looking after your heart; after all, it is the one that keeps you going!